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Prevent Flooding With Catch Basin Cleaning

With the catch basin cleaning and water services of Bio-Bob's Septic Excavating & Pumping Services of Kitchener, Ontario, you can ensure your property is free of rainwater runoff with safe drinking water. No longer inconvenience your family, residents, or customers several times a year after heavy rainfall.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (#9189-5ALR38), we can haul and dispose of catch basin waste. With years of experience in the cleaning of catch basins, including those in parking lots of plazas and retail stores, apartment and condominium buildings, town homes, and various other settings, we can cut down on possible interruptions to your business because of weather.

Red Sewage Truck


Our pressure washer equipped vacuum tankers uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast away sand and debris from the catch basins, and all blockages in the lines. This process allows water to run freely away from the catch basins to relieve flooding. No other method can compete with the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of our high pressure flusher.

Superior System

With our superior system, we are able to reach even the most remote catch basins and sewer lines to provide a thorough cleaning. Cleaning with water is much more affordable than using chemical or manual methods.

Water Services

Fully licensed and insured, we have a Waste Management System Certificate of Approval with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy (#9189-5ALR38). This allows us to easily dispose of waste water. Our insurance covers $2 million liability and automobile coverage, and if requested we can include your municipality or company for additionally insurance.

Drinking Water Reservoir Cleaning

When it comes time to clean water reservoirs, it can be very easy to accidentally cause bacteria contamination with backwash from sewage trucks and tainted hoses. This could cause unsafe drinking water.

Specified Equipment

Each of our tanker trucks are used specifically for cleaning and never for sewage. The hoses, connections, and tanker interior are all sanitized before starting any project involving water reservoirs.

Trained Staff

Our drivers will arrive on the scene of a water reservoir cleaning project dressed appropriated to enter the structure to thoroughly clean and sanitize walls, floors, and equipment. Our operators are professionally trained and certified in confined space entry techniques. These extra steps significantly reduce opportunities for contamination.

Water Reservoir Cleaning
Cleaning the Water Reservoir with the Truck